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Glass balustrade for your terrace

We can adapt our glass railings to any space and shape…

Glass balustrade estepona

Glass railings are security and decorative systems that provide protection to our home, enhancing aesthetics and design.

Our glass balustrade is perfect to be installed in high-rise terraces, behind a frameless glazing system. This way you will be able to fully open your glazing system getting an unobstructed view without worrying about security.

The glass balustrade system perfectly adapts to any kind of construction as it does not disrupt the aesthetics neither affects the design or the building structure.

Most importantly, glass railings add security and luminosity, integrating into the surroundings, to enjoy the panoramic views. Our glass balustrades complies with the Building Technical Code (CTE).


Glass Balustrade Features

  • Security aluminum balustrade with tempered glass.
  • Glass for balustrades available: laminated 6+6, laminated 8+8 and laminated 10+10. Maximum height depending on thickness: 40 cm / 80 cm / 110 cm.
  • CTE (Building Technical Code) compliance for all use categories.
  • Suitable for different kinds of glass (according to installation needs).
  • High standard aluminum extrusion with outstanding surface quality.
  • Double anti-lift system using pressure wedges.
  • Organic base for glass, self lubricated, protected against impacts and high load resistance.
  • Minimum apparent section.
  • Minimalist handrail for direct application.
  • Total geometric symmetry to facilitate the installation.
  • Several finishing options: any RAL color, anodized, imitation wood or inox-like.
  • Multiple installation options and low set up time.
  • Mechanical leveling control on the floor.
  • Suitable with straight connectors and connecting angles.
  • Integrated drainage, covers and external anode protection.

Glass Balustrade Advantages

  • Glass panels without vertical profiles not obstructing the views.
  • Possibility to open completely your glazing system maintaining the safety in high-rise installations.
  • Building works not required for its installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • We adapt to any kind of terrace, whatever shape they have.
  • Custom glass balustrades (glass type, aluminum finishing, etc.).
  • Protection against wind and dirt.
  • Shock resistant, resistant to heavy rains and salt fog corrosion.
  • Drainage available to collect and drain the water.
  • Enjoy your terrace views all year long in a safe and elegant environment.

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