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Blind Automation and Smart Home Systems

Control your blinds or awnings with the touch of a button. Many Oakley blinds and awnings can be motorised with Oakley or Somfy motors, eliminating the need for cords or cranks, and giving you the ultimate in convenience and luxury.
But why stop there when you can completely automate all your blinds and awnings? Oakley’s new Smart Home System is a relatively affordable way to automate your products. With a system that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and Smartphone app, you can operate the blinds and awnings around your home from wherever you have reception.
Taken a stage further, your motorised blinds and shades can be linked to other automated systems in your home… Close your blinds and turn off your lights at the touch of a button when you go out or go to bed…

Blind & Awning Motors

Oakley Lithium Rechargeable and Mains Powered motors are precisely engineered, painstakingly tested, then rigorously checked and re-checked to make sure it lives up to your standards and your high expectations. There are a range of Oakley motors for blinds and awnings of all sizes. All Oakley motors can be controlled by remote, or connected to an Oakley Smart Home System and operated via a custom Smartphone app.

Blind & Awning Remotes

With your choice of a single-channel, 5-channel or 15-channel remote, the power to control blinds and awnings is in your hands. Whatever your needs, we have all the remote possibilities covered. With the touch of one button, you can have all your motors humming and your blinds and awnings opening or closing in perfect harmony.

Blind & Awning Sensors

Future smart home living with Oakley isn’t just about luxury, but also a sense of safety. Our sensors can detect wind, changes in light and excessive motion or movement. These sensors can be configured to aide in insulating your home and, at the same time, protecting your products from damage.

Oakley Smart Home System

Integrate your automated Oakley products with a Smart Home System. Our Smart Home System is an easy to use application that takes luxury and convenience in your home to the next level! The integrated Smartphone app enables you to operate individual, multiple or ALL your blind and awning products at one time – control your home from wherever you have reception!

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