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Offset parasol with crank mechanism

Offset parasol with crank mechanism

Offset parasol with crank mechanism

The Amalfi pendulum cantilever has a powerful arm that lifts its sunshade high above any outdoor dining table or seating area. The offset mast creates plenty of space for tables and chairs. Even when the sun moves during the day, the shade stays where it is needed, because the Amalfi cantilever parasol can be rotated easily by 360° without having to move the base.


Easy operation with crank handle

Opening the Amalfi cantilever parasol is easy with the beautifully shaped and elegant stainless steel crank handle.

The smooth working winch with auto-lock function will hold the canopy safe and secure in every position. Remove the crank handle to protect your Amalfi cantilever parasol against unauthorized operation.

Classic or levellable head

In its standard version the Amalfi cantilever parasol is equipped with a classic head with bayonet mount. The attractive levellable head available as an option provides an integrated levelling function allowing for the canopy to be adjusted horizontally by a few degrees in the direction of the mast. Note: the function is meant for slight adjustments of the parasol’s canopy but cannot be used to tilt the canopy.

360° rotation – as an option with Stainless Steel Foot

When the sun moves during the day, your Amalfi cantilever parasol will simply follow – because it can be rotated by 360°. The standard version of the Amalfi’s mast ends with a 50mm-pole, which is fastened with screws inside of a pole fitting. The optional alternative is a stainless steel foot with pedal, which unlocks rotation by pressing the pedal. When the pedal is released, the mechanism secures the offset parasol in its position. The stainless steel foot is fastened directly on top of the ground anchor or base (compatible bases: Pianura U, Monaco U, California U).


Strong frame made of strong aluminium

With its strong aluminium frame the Amalfi cantilever resists even high stress. The reliable parasol is even suitable for professional use in hospitality with its shade being made of a Ø50mm mast (3mm wall thickness) and 30 x 15 x 2 mm struts. The separate cantilever mast is made of a 60×60 mm aluminium profile with 4mm wall thickness. The frame is available in one of over 200 RAL colours without additional fee.

Amalfi DUO 1

Double shade with Amalfi DUO 1! The 70 x 70 mm aluminium mast is located between the two canopies of the parasol. Both canopies can be opened individually.

The mast of cantilever parasol Amalfi DUO 1 carries two canopies and has a central position. With its classic Italian design parasol Amalfi creates the right mood.

Amalfi DUO 2

Combine the charisma of a classic cantilever parasol with the sturdiness of a large commercial sunshade. Amalfi DUO 2 is equipped with an especially strong mast 150 x 150 mm which is located to the side of its two canopies.

The difference between parasols of type Amalfi DUO 1 and Amalfi DUO 2, the mast of type Amalfi DUO 2 has a lateral position. Thanks to this construction it is leaving plenty of space for tables and chairs.


Mount four parasols to a single, strong mast with 150 x 150 mm in order to shade especially large areas. All four canopies can be opened and closed independently from each other.

The mast of parasol Amalfi QUADRO carries four canopies and has a central position, perfect for shading large areas and making a big statement.

Wall mount option available

Space saving – the Amalfi cantilever wall mount option allows the sunshade to be mounted without the use of a base. Customize your wall attachment to fit the space you need by providing mast height, crank handle height and extension of the parasol. When Amalfi closes, the sunshade is rotated to the side out of the way. The wall bracket has to be purchased separately. Wall brackets are fire galvanized and can be additionally powder coated in any RAL colour of our colour chart.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes from 2sqm to 4m diameter.

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