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Belvedere is probably the quickest parasol in the world. Thanks to the smart Easy-Flap-Technology, its canopy opens within seconds! Beautifully shaped components made of high grade aluminium provide the extravagant cantilever with a distinctive and unique look.

An impressive unicum that will attract impressed and surprised looks again and again.


Easy-Flap – Simple and Quick!

Belvedere is equipped with a mechanism unique in the parasol industry. Only a single lever has to be moved to open the cantilevered sunshade within seconds. As long as the Belvedere is closed, it needs no more space than a parasol with centre mast. While opening the canopy stretches out over tables and seating groups and the Belvedere becomes a cantilever sunshade.

Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes from 2.5sqm to 4m diameter.

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