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Professional Quality – No compromises

Professional Quality – No compromises

Professional Quality – No compromises

Professional Quality – No compromises

Commercial parasol Big Ben was created especially for the requirements of hospitality and contract business. No compromises when it comes to quick and easy operation, versatile options and accessories as well as its robust construction. Offering spacious coverage for multiple table settings and several seating groupings, the Big Ben commercial parasol is the perfect resort or restaurant shade solution. With a diameter width expanding up to 7m the Big Ben becomes a fixture in any setting.

Easy operation with crank handle

With the crank handle made of high-grade stainless steel, the Big Ben parasol is easily opened and closed. A crank operated spindle lift system with aluminium lifting spindle is working inside of the parasols frame.

Remove the crank to hinder unauthorized opening and closing of the sunshade.

Closes above tables and seating

Tables, chairs and decoration can stay where they are when you close the Big Ben parasol. That’s because of the integrated telescopic system which elongates the mast when you close the sunshade. A must for hotels and restaurants, a nice to have in private gardens or patios.

Integrated Lighting Option

Use your dining area until late into the night. Elegance, the integrated LED lighting option for the Big Ben commercial parasol, creates a suitable atmosphere. The maintenance-free LEDs with their elegant and unobtrusive design provide pleasant light and stay installed when the sunshade is closed. The whole electronic system is protected and hidden from sight inside of the parasols frame. With the handy remote control the lights can be dimmed and turned on and off. Elegance is available with warm white, cold white or colour changing LEDs.

The lighting is available as an option.

Integrated Heating System

Welcome guests to your outdoor dining area even if it’s one of those cool days. The integrated heating system for the Big Ben commercial parasol will provide pleasant warmth. All of the wires are hidden and protected inside of the sunshades frame. The SOLAMAGIC heaters can be removed and are either fixed to the end of the parasol’s struts or to its mast. Heaters fixed to the end of the struts do not have to be removed when the parasol is closed.


Integrated wiring for up to 4 SOLAMAGIC heaters at the mast.

Integrated wiring for up to 4 SOLAMAGIC heaters at the end of the struts.

Power supply: 400 V, 3-phase connection at the lower end of the mast or below ground with ground anchor BBKE/BBLE.

Custom-made according to your wishes – Big Ben Freestyle

The new parasol Big Ben Freestyle is a highly personalized all-rounder. You´re completely free to specify the parasol´s form and the lengths of the different sides. After reception of your draft and verification of the technical feasibility your custom-made parasol will be produced.

Offset masts, recesses for protruding walls and even impressive form designs can be realized with this custom-made parasol. With a maximum side length of 7 m and a surface of 36 m² per parasol, outdoor areas can be covered effectively into every last corner.

Like all parasols of the Big Ben series, Big Ben Freestyle benefits from an extremely robust construction and great versatility. Of course your custom-made parasol can also be equipped with integrated light and heating.

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Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes from 2sqm to 7m diameter.

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