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Bespoke Wooden Pergolas

Totally bespoke timber pergolas.

We can design and build a bespoke timber pergola to fill any shaped area, so where a standard pergola just won’t fit, we can fill the gap. With many options for materials we can fulfil your requirements, from fabric topped retractable roofs to fully covered and totally waterproof rooing, we have the solution to your sun and rain protection requirements.

Bespoke timber pergolas are suitable for many situations…

Porches, gardens, swimming-pools, hotels, attics, parking areas, restaurants, terraces, carports, public buildings, clubs, patios…

Almost any area can be covered with a bespoke timber pergola

For solid roofing, several options are available, asphalt shingles, resin imitation tile sheets and clear multi-wall polycarbonate sheets being just a few of the options. Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular option as they are long lasting and look good from any angle.

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