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Bioclimatic Pergolas on the Costa del Sol...

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Oakley Pergolas Marbella supply and install the latest and best in bioclimatic pergolas, providing the maximum comfort when it comes to temperature, light, ventilation and protection. Our bioclimatic pergolas are thoroughly resurched and refined to create a pleasant microenvironment.

Bioclimatic Pergola

The Oakley bioclimatic pergola range is a new sun protection system that will allow you to enjoy living outside the whole year. The Bioclimatic pergola is designed to regulate the temperature inside, to protect oneself from the rain, the sun or the wind thanks to its sensor detectors.


bioclimatic pergola estepona
bioclimatic terrace cover estepona

Why a Bioclimatic Pergola?

Perfect synthesis of a solution that allows for different intensities of light and shade thanks to the simple opening and closing of the adjustable blades: Oakley Bioclimatic Pergolas create custom spaces, with the desired climate.

  • Adjustable sunscreen blades with rotation up to 140° and intermediate modular positions
  • Self-supporting or wall-mounted
  • Perimeter gutter and pluvial integrated into the posts

The Oakley bioclimatic pergola is fully customizable and can be tailored to very different options like LED lights (under the frame or in the louvers), structure colour, height adjustable and dimensions as the customer wishes, heater, Bluetooth audio control system, Smartphone control, sides closing systems of all kinds (screens, glass sliding, sliding or fixed system with all kind of louvers, etc)…all the option you can imagine are possible.

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Pergola Lighting Systems

Dimmable LED lighting options for your pergola, under the frame or in the louvers…

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Side Closing Systems

Pergola screens, roller blind screens, glass curtain systems…

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Personalizable Pergolas

Fully cusomized bioclimatic pergolas to fit your space.

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