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Foam filled aluminium shutter

Manufactured with superior quality aluminium, and filled with injected polyurethane, it offers optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. It is our most standard model, with excellent rolling capacity and great value for money. Model available in high density.

Aluminium is light, sturdy and durable. It makes for quiet operation and offers good insulation values, operational reliability and lasting quality. It is relatively unaffected by rust and by wind and weather. Aluminium provides a high-quality surface appearance that lasts many years. Thanks to our thick-coat enamelling, our roller shutters and garage doors never need repainting.

Aluminium is resistant to twisting and barely expands at all in hot conditions. What’s more, it is suitable for high-precision processing. Combined with state of the art of engineering this produces well-engineered and reliable roller shutter and garage door systems with a high added value.

PVC Roller Shutters

Available in a range of profile designs and in white or ivory colours, we have a wide range of light weight PVC roller shutters or persianas to suit any situation.

Aluminum roller shutter with adjustable louvers

An innovative and elegant blind, with eco-efficient features at a thermal level and an ideal comfort in terms of lighting, because this model has an exterior shape in an ajar position that allows maximum light and ventilation input thus creating a much more natural space. Conceived in a multifunctional way as protection with WK certificate and built with the highest quality materials, it guarantees greater durability and minimum maintenance. Your main advantage? The generous stamping increases the visibility taking care with its design the entrance of the solar rays from 22º of inclination. That is, it not only protects from external glare or solar reflections, but from prying eyes.

Adjustable slat system

The adjustable system allows to gradually adjust all the slats from 0º to 90º, to move from the fully closed position towards the progressive adjustment of more light and air. When it rains, the positioning of the slats directs the water to the outside, even when the shutter slats are fully open.

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